STP – Orval Day Ticket (Mar 12, 2022)


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Join us for Orval Day at BeerSauce Shop!

On Orval Day, devotees of Orval Trappist Ale – and some folks who maybe have not tried it yet – convene to celebrate one of the world’s unique and highly-respected beers.

BeerSauce will honor Orval Day by hosting a celebration of Orval. Orval has a shelf life of 5 years that provides a completely different profile; So we’ve been aging 48 Orval bottles for months to provide you the unique opportunity to taste the difference 18 months makes in a bottle compared to young Orval.

Tickets Include:

  • A Full Bottle Pour of Orval
  • An Orval Chalice 
  • A 5oz Pour of Orval Oud 
  • SWAG 
  • Presentation of Orval

Tickets are 25 and will be limited to 48.

Orval Trappist Ale was the first Brett beer to land on US shores, and has become the favorite beer for many star American brewers. ( “Brett” – brettanomyces – is a yeast variety that adds appetizing, sharp acidity and dryness.) Orval is brewed to exquisite perfection within the walls of Notre Dame d’Orval Monastery in Belgium. It’s delicious when it leaves the brewery, but also evolves in the bottle for five years or more.

Money from your ticket sales and from each bottle sold will be donated to charity based on US sales of Orval on Orval Day.


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